About us

Founded in March 2010 and open for business since June 2014.  Afu-Mena is “cherish what you have” in Pamaka, the language of the  eastern Suriname Maroons.


  • raise awareness over the wealth of the Surinamese interior with special  focus on art, culture and culture
  • to support sustainable development of tourism in Suriname
  • serve corporations and rural communities
  • Sustainability in business and organisation management, coaching and training.

Afu-Mena is engaging with local NGO’s, (freelance) professionals, rural communities and small organizations who support the Maroons and Indigenous peoples culture and strive to protect their environment.

Afu-Mena was founded by Paulus Boike (Da.awani) Tojo. Born in the Maroon-village Witagron (Suriname). A percussionist, traditional maroon dancer and singer from its tenth age, is very multi-talented and creative. At age of 14 he started doing business in Suriname: selling shaved, wild meat and fish on the local market. He studied international business in the Netherlands and now holds an International Action Learning Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in organizational leadership, obtained at the business school Netherlands and international business school Americas Europe. He is now candidate Doctor of Business Admininstration in organisational leadership. Boike developed experiences in the arts & culture industry worldwide, the travel industry and worked with the traditional authority of the different maroon tribal groups in Suriname.