Incentive Travel Suriname

Suriname is a young tourist destination of contrast and amalgamations. A society in which different cultures reside peacefully together. Pristine tropical rainforest and vast savannahs. Mighty rivers and pointed granite rocks, and impressive beaches with giant sea turtles, cultural traditions and colonial remaining. Business meetings in well equipped conference rooms, lunches in old fort and culinary delights during business dinners and renewed energy in the beautiful nature. We introduce you to the well preserved traditions of Suriname’s cultural diversity. Our expertise contributes towards organizing of a unique incentive trip. Served and organized well support by a professional team.

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Pure Paramaribo

The name Paramaribo is a degeneration of the Amerindian named Parmurbo situated along the river of Suriname. Paramaribo is a former Dutch colonial town from the 17th century. Its original and highly characteristic street plan and the historic center remain intact. Its buildings illustrate the gradual fusion of Dutch architectural influence with traditional local techniques and materials. The tropical rainforest climate allows warm days whole year round.

  •  Art at Fort Zeelandia

During an intensive painting course, you will develop your own art together with the Nola Hatterman Art Academy by painting this beautiful building. After this you will enjoy an unforgettable lunch on the upper terrace with unique views of the Suriname River. The day will be closed with a performance of the Ala Kondre Dron ensemble. Each tells a story on traditional music instrument about their ancestors each in their own way.

  • Cooking class with a Maroon Family

The Maroons are the descendants of runaway slaves, who were transported from West-Africa to Suriname. Learn what their main food is and how to prepare it. Afiingi or Apiti is one of these main dishes. A strong broth, thickened with small balls made from cassava flour, mainly known for its strength enhancing effect.

  •  Lunch at impressive Afobaka Dam

The Prof. Dr WJ Blommenstein Lake has a surface of 135 thousand hectares, about the size of the province of Utrecht. The lake was created by the construction of the Afobaka dam, a dam on the Suriname River. About five thousand Maroons had to move to transmigration villages. Traditional authorities in the area will share their stories during a special lunch on Afobaka dam. An impressive canoe trip on the lake, will complete the experience.

  • Play a hole

At about five miles outside Paramaribo, Suriname’s only golf course is situated with nine holes and a pair of sixty-nine. The club provides a three-hour special ‘clinic’ for you under the guidance of her best and Suriname’s most experienced golfers. An unexpected experience for true golf lovers!

  •  A spiritual treat

 St. Peter & Paul Cathedral has been elevated in 2014 to Basilica, an honorary title for church buildings in the Roman Catholic Church. It has been built entirely of wood and belongs, along with the St. George’s Cathedral in Georgetown, to the largest timber constructed churches of South America. Priests of the Roman Catholic Diocese lead you step by step through the beautiful artwork. During a joint dinner on the terrace enjoying typical Surinamese dishes, you will hear the story of the Cathedral Basilica and the entire Roman Catholic mission in this beautiful country.

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