Rural communities


Is a national issue that the collective rights of the indigenous and tribal peoples on the lands they gained from their ancestors is growing in existence. The history of the Maroons clarify that this group have closed numerous treaties with colonial and national rulers since the 1760s. They obliged Suriname to recognize and respect Maroon rights too, among others including: land, territory, resources based upon historical occupations use; the right to participate in and consent to all matters that may affect them.


Maroon groups claim different territories and are operating largely independently from the nation state in political, legal, religious, and socio-cultural matters. The legacy of slavery and suppression, preserved in oral histories has resulted in strong aversion to excessive government interference in Maroon affairs. Indigenous and tribal communities’ affairs are part of social impacts which focuses on company culture and capacity, and their rights. Based on the economic impact of possible investments, it extends beyond the boundaries of investors. On the other hand economic impact, can possibly add value to the rural areas societies. The traditional authority of the indigenous and tribal communities, fair of losing power results in a conscious or unconscious form of distrust of their subordinates and other stakeholders within their communities.

Free Prior and Informed ConsentNot less important is indigenous- and tribal communities’ right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).  However in many countries especially in Suriname FPIC is not institutionalized and not yet applied. Rural communities also follow through customs and rituals, when they are interacting with natural resources within their livelihood. ‘Seeking permission and good fortune’ could be the description some of the customs these tribes have. There are many unwritten rules and laws that apply to the sustainable and sensible use of resources within communities. These are intended to make sure that over-use is prevented and that there will be enough left for future generations.

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