Team Building

For companies and organizations Afu-Mena offers her team building concept.  An creative program with cultural ingredients of approximately half a day. The djembé, central is the creation of rhythms and music. The purpose of the day is: learn to listen better to each other, increase cooperation and develop team spirit. At the end of this master class session the results are being presented.  Afu-Mena offers drinks, snacks and lunch if desired.


The djembé is a West African percussion instrument. ‘Beat’ are done in case of a djembé with your hands and / or fingers. Your hand and your fingers give a very different effect: low or high, hard or soft, dull or shrill, long or short. In the workshop you will discover how to make a beautiful sound, how drums have the desired effect and how to create a swinging rhythm. The djembé is not a solo instrument. A rhythmic piece of music created by playing together all with divided roles. Except of making music this master class workshop focuses on teamwork.

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